Autumn is coming soon and I cannot wait for it. For a Med I’m not much of a summer guy, and much prefer freezing weather. I actually enjoy much shorter days ! I always feel energised in the winter. 

Speaking of which, if it’s September soon, that means we get to talk about what’s coming there ! Let’s run through it !


  • COMIC EARLY ACCESS – “SHELL OF THE MOON” : An astronaut’s team crash lands on Neptune’s moon, Triton, only for him to be the sole survivor. Depleted of purpose, the astronaut tries to keep his focus by accomplishing the mission he was initially there for: uncovering what happened to Triton’s unresponsive colony. All patrons will get to read the comic before every one else ! I’m so excited to share this short story with you !
  • ILLUSTRATION EARLY ACCESS: Now that your boy has been back from surgery, that means he also got back to work ! New art ? Holy shit ! You need to see that


As usual, in addition to the previous rewards:

  • RAMMSTEIN MUSIC VIDEO STUDIES: I think it comes to nobody’s surprise to know that I’m a Rammstein fan. I loved the band since middle school, and oh boy do I love their transgressive music videos ! You know what that calls for ? Studying them. And you get to see it all !
  • EXCLUSIVE WORKS IN PROGRESS: “Shell of the Moon” isn’t the only cosmic short story being worked on… I have quite a few sketches of that for you to begin with, in addition to all the illustrations that are getting some stylus action lmfao


Kachow ! Cartographers will get with all the rest:

  • ILLUSTRATION BREAKDOWN AND TIMELAPSE: You asked for it, and you’ll get it ! Patrons were interested in breakdowns of how I create my illustrations, so this is where it’s going to be ! I’ll take the time to show my multiple steps and include a full time-lapse of it to boot !
  • MALYSH DESIGN DOCUMENT – BLACK HERON OBSTAT: Exclusive concept art and design notes all gathered in a pdf, and this time it’s Black Heron Obstat, a mysterious character who is incredibly tied to the lore of the universe, who gets a turn. 

And we’ll have even more ! With a breakdown of how I ink comic pages, lore sheets, and perhaps even the Shell of the Moon’s musical theme !

Be there or be square ! ♥

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