Neon Portraits

Neon portraits are comprised of a single character in a Gaussian blurred background. They are characterised by the character drenched in vividly coloured lights, with usually two main light tones. Neon portraits are solely shoulder level.

Their specific characteristics include:

  • A single character or person
  • Two light sources, one rim light, and one ambient light
  • A piece of writing in the back which might hint at whatever the client wishes
  • A blurred out background of either neon streets or a neon environment

The base price of a neon portrait is 300 euros. Payments are through paypal only.


Portrait examples:

Specific Order Requirements

When ordering the commission, the client is required to attach specifics for the artist to work with. These specific order requirements are attached to the general terms of service. They are the following:

  • Detailed descriptions and, or, references of the character or person being ordered
  • The specification of which main colours the client wishes to see used
  • Details on the type of pose and lighting angles
  • The type of background the client wishes

Ordering a Neon Portrait Commission

Please send an email to for further commission details.

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