The discord’s reception has been so fantastic ! Thanks to the responses to the survey (they will be held every Spring and Autumn for the time being), there have already been super cool updates !

I wanted to take the opportunity to run down through them with you so you can see what’s there

We’ll start off with a TL;DR section and then go on to a second section which goes over the channel descriptions and updates in more detail


  • Quality of life updates include: A linear channel for new patreon posts, clear channel explanations, and clear channel categories based on tiers
  • All patrons have access to a special life update channel where I post what’s up in my life, with selfies, pictures, and what have you
  • 🔒 Shepherds and above not only have the WIP channel where I post all the works I’m on, there’s also a WIP streaming channel now where I will work live with only music playing
  • 🔒 Cartographers and above now have access, in addition to the feedback and group work channels, a VIP chat where I am even more present with a cosy atmosphere


This section is dedicated to not only giving an overview of the discord server but also to describe the various channels present. New channels are marked with “‼️”


  • INFORMATION: Channels for organisational purposes and announcements
  • GENERAL: Channels all tiers have access to
  • ‼️ SHEPHERD LAIR: Channels Shepherds & tiers above have access to
  • ‼️ CARTOGRAPHER LAIR: Channels Cartographers & tiers above have access to
  • VOICE CHANNELS: Voice channels all tiers have access to


  •  general : General chat in which to hang out with no particular topic
  •  ‼️ whats-up-radinsky : Reaction based channel where I post stuff about my day to day life, including, but not limited to: selfies, photos taken during my walks, photos of my work space, etc
  • memes : Where to post memes
  • media : Where to nerd about art, video games, movies, shows, music, and what have you
  • politics-and-law : Channel in which you can talk about politics, post political news, and law
  • i-have-made-art : Where you can post images of your art to show it off to others – Works in progress are also accepted !
  • shower-thoughts : Where you can throw in there realisations or questions to give everyone else an existential crisis
  • pets : Where you can post photos of your pets
  • ask-radinsky : AMA channel where you can ask me a question about my work or personal life. Such questions can be, but are not limited to: questions about my work flow, news about upcoming projects & release dates, favourite animal, or some shit – if a discussion is launched, please bring it to the thematically appropriate channels as to not clog the channel !

.:  🔒 SHEPHERD LAIR CATEGORY (For shepherd patrons & above) :.

  • radinsky-wips  : Channel in which my works in progress are posted
  • malysh : General chat about Malysh, or the Trial of an Outdated Democracy
  • sounds-of-space : General chat about the Sounds of Space and other whispers from the vacuum anthology
  • ‼️ LIVE WORKS IN PROGRESS : Streaming channel with no voice where I stream stuff I’m working on

.:  🔒 CARTOGRAPHER LAIR CATEGORY (For cartographer patrons & above) :.

  • ‼️ vip-general-chat : General chat for VIP patrons with no particular thematic topic
  • narrative-feedback : Group feedback channel (including feedback from me) on narrative works such as character creation, chapters, plotlines, ideas, etc
  • ‼️ sprint-time : Group work & motivation channel where cartographers & above set a work session with a given time limit and we then all discuss what we did
  • spoil-me-radinsky : Cartographers & above can ask absolutely any question on projects regardless if they are spoilers or not – includes character plot lines, plot twists, in depth questions about intent behind stories, etc. Works with a spoiler tag for those who don’t want spoilers on a given plot line


  • DJ TOTO : Radio voice chat where my music library plays
  • HANGOUT: Voice lobby open to everyone where you can voice chat

This about covers it ! I hope you enjoy the new updates ! And I will be looking forward to seeing you there !

To join the discord, you need to connect your patreon account to your discord one. If you are lost in how to do so, check out Patreon’s FAQ on the topic [here] 

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