• There is now a tip-jar tier (1 euro a month)
  • You can now exchange accumulated XP for discounts on prints, downloadable content, and even commissions
  • XP is generated every month, and is retroactive: all of those who’ve been patrons so far get an automatic head-start
  • You can contact me anytime if you are unsure of the amount of XP you currently have – same goes to using your XP !
  • The details about the upcoming graphic novel will be revealed on patreon for trader & hunter tiers in a couple of days

The full XP exchange post will be up shortly, and will be pinned !

First off: Hello all and thank you so much !

It’s been a couple of months now that I have launched my patreon, and I’m incredibly grateful for your support. Patrons make a childhood dream into a reality: becoming a full-time graphic novelist, being able to tell incredible stories to the world whilst being completely independent. 

Although it’s been barely a year, I thought it pertinent to revamp the content on here, one that matches the work I do more thoroughly. 

What’s up with the tiers ?

As you might’ve noticed, tiers have been simplified, being brought down to three instead of five. This allows for a much more streamlined content schedule. They follow a more apocalyptic aesthetic as although I love the cyberpunk genre, most of my stories are much more cataclysmic, barren and dystopian. 

Now, there are three tiers: 

  • Kind Village Dweller – 1 euro a month

Allows for early-access to my finished content, from illustrations up to new story chapters. Chapters are posted on patreon in groups of two instead of one for non-patrons, and about two weeks ahead. All illustrations posted on patreon are in HD.

  • Curious Hillside Trader – 5 euros a month

Coupled with the previously mentioned rewards, this tier opens the way for more exclusive content. Indeed, Traders have access to my works in progress, my sketches, my art studies (often in pdf format); lore sheets related to places, characters and items from stories I’m writing, and last but not least: my blog, the “lost logs”.  

What kind of content will we read on the blog ? Most things art related, tied to my work, and streams of consciousness that arise in the face of certain topics I hold dear. If the next blog article will talk about my upcoming graphic novel, you can very well see me talk about things such as world-building tips. 

  • Wasteland Lore Hunter – 15 euros a month

La crème de la crème. Hunters, in addition to the rewards mentioned previously,  have access to design documents, which have more detailed notes and exclusive concept art about the worlds I create. They also are able to watch time-lapse commentaries and art logs I prepare, and get a digital sketch request every month !

An art log ? What’s that ? Art logs are thorough art studies I conduct about specific topics. I often break down the aesthetic of video games, stories, and what have you to determine why they’re memorable. As a Wasteland Lore Hunter, you’ll have access to such works !

XP ? How does this work ?

XP is a way to thank you for your support: every month, depending on your tier, you gain a certain amount of experience points which you can later trade for discounts on various things. XP is cumulative, and can be spent at anytime. As a patron, never hesitate to send me a message to check the number of points you have available, or to claim your chosen discount. 

XP is retroactive: people who have been patrons so far get the number of points generated through their past months of patronage. 

And who knows what happens when one has been a patron for a year…

What awaits in the future ?

Plenty of things ! I’ve been hard at work these past few months, preparing content at a steady pace. Two graphic novels are underway:

  • Malysh, or the Trial of an Outdated Democracy: This is the graphic novel you’ve been hearing about for quite a while now. Malysh is huge. It tackles a very expansive universe with intricate plot points, highly developed characters, and very specific themes that bring it to be a very steady effort to work on. Malysh is very much long term, and is planned to steal back the spotlight after the upcoming title mentioned in the second bullet point.
  • An upcoming title: This graphic novel will be revealed in a blog article in the next couple of days. This entry is scheduled to have its first chapters posted in March 2022.

I’m also currently working on commissions and other projects spread out on the short and long term. 

Phew ! God do you talk a lot Tolja

Yes, I do. But I think this about covers it !

I hope all of you have been well, and thank you for your incredible support. It means the world to offer you the worlds I create, and to see you enjoy them. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reply to this post or DM me. 

In the meantime, hold onto your chairs, because this is going to be quite the ride !

Bisous bisous,


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