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Hey everyone ! As you probably saw once becoming a patron, you accumulate XP here through your monthly pledges !

You can then exchange those points for bonuses — bonuses are prone to be updated, with new ones coming regularly ! I keep track of everyone’s XP, so don’t hesitate to message me to ask how much you’ve cumulated


  • 1 euro tiers gain 5 XP a month
  • 5 euro tiers gain 20 XP a month
  • 15 euro tiers gain 50 XP a month


  • 75 XP: Digital Sketch shout-out on socials
  • 100 XP: Small sketch in weekly sketchbook
  • 150 XP: 15% on a Ko-fi shop purchase
  • 200 XP: 15% Discount on a print purchase
  • 500 XP: 10% Discount on a commission order
  • 750 XP: Personalised card sent through the mail

Discounts do not add up ! They are valid for a single purchase

As mentioned previously, new XP rewards are prone to be added to this list – I’ll be sure to notify you of post updates whenever that happens !

To claim your XP, message me on Patreon ! You can save it up, or spend it to your heart’s content

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