A Graphic Novel Series

Malysh is a graphic novel series taking place in 2070’s post-apocalyptic Paris, as the horrors of humanity extended so far that they broke the very fabric of reality: the living crystalise themselves, as the inanimate comes to life. Both become twisted and mangled, as the Corruption spreads from the sinister, blood red tear in the horizon: the Crying Sky.

The carcass of a broken, nonsensical world

As the flames of Armageddon annihilated the world in 2054, humanity sought refuge in the Parisian underground: a vast complex previously built to home the city’s growing population, named the Metropolitain.

Only, not everyone was guaranteed a spot in the shelter: those less fortunate settled within the maintenance tunnels surrounding the bustling metropolis. Pejoratively, they were nicknamed “Freeloaders“, and if some eventually made it in the Metropolitain, they face oppression every step of the way.

Venturing to the surface has been seen as a fearsome feat ever since, as the tales brought back by the courageous few haunt the broken minds of everyday people.

The blood-tainted rain seeps into the Parisian innards, and the concrete guts show cracks in the comfort they provide: if all heads turn away, the spread of the Crying Sky can only be ignored for so long.

A tale about memory, grit and survival

Sasha, a Freeloader, after surviving the massacre of her community, sets off on a journey to find the ultimate weapon that could protect it once and for all from all the factions that oppressed them since the Cataclysm.

Throughout her travels, she has to reckon with the pernicious political landscape; the corrupted and mangled ghosts which plague the land, and the weight crushing the survivors of the apocalypse, as they little by little, keep withering away.

Sasha is not the only one seeking the leverage that would level the playing field: the faction which could get ahold of the coveted weapon would rule over all the others.

What is Malysh's Format ?

Malysh chapters take the form of regular digital releases that one can read for free on this website. The pages are in black and white with the use of screentones, being heavily inspired by manga.

Supporters can read chapters in early access prior to public release.

Digital volume editions will be available for supporters without extra charge, or will be available for purchase on the shop. Digital volume editions will include additional insight into the work; sketches; illustrations, and reader questions.

How to support the Malysh Project

If you wish to support the creation of the series, you can become a supporter either on Patreon or Ko-fi.

You may also commission me for stream commissions, or send a one-time donation.

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