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My name is Radinsky. I am a law student in his early twenties with great fondness for art and literature ever since I was a child. I aim to make those domains, one being quite scientific and the others more creative, compatible in some sense; This very often transpires in the stories I create.

I have the ambition of becoming an established author and jurist, and one of my great motivations in life is to make knowledge and cultural mediums accessible to all. I believe it is fundamental to the development of each and every one of us.

I have quite a few fields of interest which spread across many different subjects: Philosophy, science generally speaking, literature, political sciences, but also drawing and painting.

I am also very found of music; And I consider that combining different art mediums together is a new way of creating. In the stories that I write, I often gather a soundtrack to feature as you go on as a reader.

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Radinsky is a real designer, absolutely great job! Well done! Enjoy looking at those beautiful images 🙂

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