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Hi everyone ! Welcome to the brand new presentation for my blog. From now on, all of the public posts you usually see on either patreon or ko-fi are found here, on my website ! I find the centralisation to be much more efficient, and less susceptible to social media shenanigans, as we have all encountered as of late.

After coming back from my holiday, I’ve been hard at work optimising the practical side of things regarding my work: my streaming schedule and their topics; Malysh releases; community events and how everything is managed.

In this little blog post, I’ll walk you through the changes !


There is now a dedicated page on my website for Malysh, where I’ll post the chapters and centralise all the work around it. You can find it here, and start familiarising yourself with the universe as I start building the lore pages as time goes on.

I’ll also start streaming the process of working on the graphic novel live ! But I’ll touch upon this in more detail in the dedicated section.


I have revised my stream schedule in a more optimised manner, and wanted to tackle specific things for them. Here is the schedule table:

Wednesdays 10 AM Art Studies & Tutorials
Thursdays 10.30 AM Commission/Illustration streams
Fridays 10 AM Working on Malysh
Sundays 6 PM Gaming Streams

The philosophy behind my streams will now be sharing the joy of making art, whether one is already an artist or wants to get started: I’ll be walking people through what I’m doing, and sharing pieces of advice as someone who has been in the profession for many years now. I want to turn the streams into an opportunity too to host an artist Q/A, where you can ask as many art questions as you’d like. I am more than happy to share my experience and what I’ve learnt – and to invite people to try art for themselves, discovering how much of an amazing thing it is to pick up. Hopefully the streams will also demystify the practice of art itself !

As such, the political angle I used to take will be more subdued, even if I won’t move away from politics in general: my streams will be dedicated to art with the exception of gaming streams (where politics would be more welcome), in order to not get scattered in the channel’s scope.

If you can’t make it to the streams too, you’ll now be able to check out the VODs on my youtube channel, where I’ll edit segments too down the line in organised playlists. I also plan on having reels of highlights posted there ! So you can follow the youtube channel here.


In line with the philosophy I’ve laid out above, I’m also going to start organising Art Jams ! They would be a fun little challenge, accessible to all skill levels, in order to strengthen (or build !) one’s connection to art.

Art Jams would take place twice a year: February and July. Down the line, I’d like to make a cash prize one of the rewards for the winner, although the point is that everyone wins. I’m hoping this challenge to be fruitful for everyone participating, as they learn something from it !

You can read more about art jams on the dedicated page here.


The Radahnsky Festival has been such a fun experiment so far, that I was pretty much finetuning up to now. Wait ! Wait a second ! Don’t worry, the festival isn’t going anywhere ! You can breathe !

The Radahnsky Festival will now take place yearly, in November. I made this decision so the party has a more exceptional flair, and that we can be even more extra about it.

Here’s the invite link for the event on my discord server.

What is the Radahnsky Festival ?

The Radahnsky festival is a portrait raffle live on stream ! People enter with what kind of portrait they’d like drawn (either one of their original characters, or themselves), and three winners are picked at random ! I then paint the winners live on stream, as we chill and have a good time. So not only do you win a free portrait, you also get to see it completed live !


And last but not least ! On Thursday the 9th of May 2024 at 6 pm, there will be a special HEALTH stream ! I’ll be painting Johnny from the band based on the iconic bi-mart photo – HEALTH will also be playing during the stream, and I was given the permission to even play exclusives of theirs that you can find on their patreon or ko-fi (which you should subscribe to, support them).

I hope to see you there ! It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I have a lot of ideas regarding the composition of the piece.

And that’s all the updates for the time being !

All of you take care ! I’ll see you online and in the next updates !

I hope you enjoy the new blog !