Hi everyone !

The Patreon is receiving an overhaul with a more Malysh oriented theme. Two new tiers are now open with a limited amount of slots ! Let’s go through them :


There is now a tier where you can get one on one feedback from me for your narrative projects. We’re going to work together on your narrative pieces, which include for instance, comics, books, and games. This entails, for example:

  • Discussing your overall story: Working on focus, plot, themes, and tone to make all of these elements as impactful as possible and to have them meet your expectations.
  • Feedback on your chapters, plot descriptions, and lore pieces: You can send me things for review where I will give you feedback on what is to keep, and what could be improved upon based on your skill set and strong points, always in accordance with your objectives.
  • Discussing your characters: You can send over character sheets and all ideas and information related to them so we can flesh them out wherever you’re stuck to make them impactful, relatable, and memorable. 
  • Send your ideas: Sometimes we need a detailed response to the new ideas we have. I’ll be there to do so.


  • This is NOT an artistic feedback tier. I am not academically trained in artistic feedback with the exception of being a professional artist myself. This is solely feedback on narrative pieces. 
  • This tier requires discord, as you will receive a dedicated private channel with me only. 


You have a story you’ve been wanting to complete but have been stuck forever ? This is the tier for you: we’re going to work together one on one from start to finish with a completely 1 on 1 personalised program to ensure you stay motivated, remain driven, and get your work out there.

This tier includes all the rewards of the previously discussed tier, in addition to having a completely tailored roadmap of objectives you can follow. This includes:

  • A first discussion: We are going to first off work out your objectives and where you are currently in your narrative project.
  • Working out the next steps: We’ll create a realistic time frame for you to work in with the various steps in order to reach your objectives. This will include a form of homework for you to do on your characters, your setting, your chapters, and what have you.
  • Making sure you stay motivated: Creating a narrative piece is a daunting task, and often is because we have no idea where to start. I’ll be there along the way for you to make sure you stay on track. 
  • Organising your plan: To reach an objective, you need to know where to go first. One step at a time, let’s make sure you don’t get to scattered and adequately figure out what your needs are !
  • Being available at all times during office hours: I will be present for you to send anything my way in order to help with your project’s completion. That includes times where you’re incredibly unmotivated: we’ll troubleshoot together and figure things out !


  • This tier requires discord, as you will receive a dedicated private channel with me only.
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