Hi everyone ! Thank you for your wonderful support on here, thanks to all of you we’re closer to supporting a completely independent endeavour of writing, illustrating stories outside of the gruelling publishing industry !

There are so many exciting things to come in August, allow me to walk you through some of the things that are on their way:


  • A Day in My Life Doodle Comic: That’s right, the “Behind the Scenes” finally receives its overhaul ! From now, all patrons will be able to read short comics about various topics in my creator’s life. The tone will be upbeat and light hearted, as I have to create funny stuff sometimes
  • Patron Illustration Prompts: It’s one of those times of the year friends ! Patrons get to offer illustration prompts and suggestions I then base an illustration on. I pick my favourite prompt and paint away ! It’s a really cool way to spend time with the community


In addition to the previous rewards, here’s what’s coming:

  • Fallout 3 Wasteland Art Studies: I need practice ! I love practising ! I have painted multiple wasteland sceneries of Fallout 3 in order to continue improving my art. Fallout is one of my favourite franchises, and the third installation is the one I aesthetically like best. Hillside traders will be able to check out the PDF of the studies I did !
  • RADINSKY sketchbooks: The bi-monthly sketchbooks ! The PDF of my warm-up doodles will be available, containing the sketches requested by the lore hunters in addition to the other ones. You know what’s likely to be in there too ? Little hints of short stories which are coming.


The boldest heroes of the wasteland get extra rewards in addition to the previous ones ! Let’s check it out:

  • Character Tattoo Template Pack + Tutorial: Aren’t you just so sick of having to paint your character’s tattoos every time, regretting all the design decisions you made ? Struggling with the exact same thing, I’ve put together a whole pack of various areas of the human body for you to design tattoos on. This allows you to simply copy and paste the templates right onto your characters ! The pack also includes various resources, including a tutorial and a .psd file you can practice on !
  • Malysh Design Document – The Crying Sky: You’ve always heard about Malysh all over the place, but a man has an urge to hop back into it. What is best for introducing my graphic novel series other than presenting one of the most foreboding elements of the whole story ? What is the Crying Sky, you might ask ? Well, surely the concept art and exclusive explanations within the document will help you with that hehe

And even better, there’s even more coming ! Early-access to illustrations, sketch requests, works in progress, lore sheets… Life is at full speed when you’re RADINSKY ! 

So I’ll see you there ! ♥

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