My friend Notidee (@Notideeart on twitter) came up with the idea of creating a character (or ourselves) set in the Dark Souls universe, so I created a template for it !

The first picture is for drawing the character (or ourselves) and the second for drawing two items that the character would have (can be more if you so choose !)

The goal is to post it under the hashtag “#ArtistsInDarkSouls” and see how creative we all are !

To summarise, here are the steps:

  • Design yourself as if you were in Dark Souls: Try drawing yourself in full body with your weaponry
  • Design two (or more) items that your character would possess and add their item description: it can be the weapon the character holds, the armour, a ring, a soul or any other Dark Souls themed Item !
  • Post it under the hashtag “#ArtistsInDarkSouls” on twitter
  • Have fun !

Attached are the photoshop files of the template you can edit to your leisure !

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